ZFC-Improvement type Gas insulated LBS_Sectionalizer
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ZFC-Improvement type Gas insulated LBS_Sectionalizer


Pole-mounted load-break switch(pole-LBS) applies up to 36kV 400/630A, 50Hz pole-LBS associated with a State-Of-The-Art Controller. This SF6 gas-insulated switch can corporate with the distribution automation system, and also isolate a faulted section of distribution line from the control center.

A simple pole-mounting arrangement contribute to quick and low cost installation, and the switch can be operated manually with a electronic controller. Electronic controller is contained in a stainless steel cabinet for an all weather environmental conditions. Remote monitoring and control can also be provided mounting wire or wireless Modem in a cabinet.

Standard servicecondition

It shall be principal that this SF6 Gas Load Break Switch shall be used in the following service condition;

Ambient temperature

Short period peak value: 50℃ average

Over a period of 24 hours: 40℃ lower

Limit over 24 hours: -25℃ relative

Humidity: 100%

Maximum altitude: 1000 meter


SF6 Gas Insulation

SF6 gas is a nontoxic, non-flame-able dielectric with excellent arc quenching property.

Bushing Versatility

In addition to the standard porcelain bushing, a variety of options are available including elastomeric insulator over epoxy apparatusbushing.

Visible Open/Close

The color coded main contact position indicator(green-open, red-closed) is easily visible from the ground. the indicator is connected directly to the main contact drive shaftass embly assuring accurate contactsstatus.

Quick Operation

Spring charged operator is being utilized compression spring to assure quick make and quick-break operation.

Remote controllable

Electronic controller is available offering local operation or RTU-interface for masterstation control.

Robust Switch

The switch is manufactured from robust, corrosion resistant, proven materials to ensure long service life and also capable of an number of operations which is an ideal characteristic for pole-mounted equipment.


Every switch is factory filled, hermetically sealed and production tested according to IEC 60265-1(1988) prior to shipment.

Technical data

rated volatge12kV/24kV/36kV
rated current630A
rated frequency50Hz
rated short-time current20KA(r.m.s),4 sec
rated making current50KA(peak), 3 times
load current breaking400/630A,30 times
cable charging current breaking25A,10 times
line charging current breaking1.5A, 10 times
magnetic current breaking22A, 10 times