LW36-145 type outdoor SF6 gas circuit breaker
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LW36-145 type outdoor SF6 gas circuit breaker




LW36-145type outdoor SF6 gas circuit breaker using modern processing technologyand computer-aided design techniques, combined with the latestgeneration of spring bodies and the advantages of a permanent institution. Itspursuit of high reliability, easy to maintain design concepts to createageneration of superior product, is the most reliable electric power system andthe best option.

All seriesswitches meet the following criteria:

ANS/IEEE C37.60/IEC 62271-100(GB1984-2003 China standard)

GBT11022-1999 China Standard

Using of the enviroment:

Ambient temperature:-40℃~+40℃, the daily average temperature:25℃;

Altitude:≤ 3000min excess ofthe value of technical discussions with the divisionI);


Earthquakeintensity: not more than 8 degrees;

Degreeof ambient air contamination level not greater than:III level;

Daily average ambient air relative humidity≤95%, on average≤90%;

Saturated vapor pressure of daily mean values≤ 2.2*10^(-3)MPa, onaverage≤1.8*10^(-3)MPa;

More about the use ofenvironment conditions, please consult with the manufacturer.