LW36-126  HV SF6 circuit breakers
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LW36-126  HV SF6 circuit breakers



The LW36-145/3150-40 self-extinction AC circuit breaker which is outdoor type finds its universal range of applications for the electrical system with elevation not greater  than 2000m,ambient temperature not lower than -30℃,dirtiness grade not high than IV, alternating current 50Hz and the maximum voltage 126kV. It is used for cutting the rated current, malfunction current or switching the circuitry, to control and protect the electrical system ,and it can also be used for connecting with the circuit breaker.
The gas of the SF6is employed as the arc-extinguishing medium and the dielectric material. The self-extinction technology and the new-type spring operating mechanism are introduced in the SF6 circuit breaker. Thus the circuit breaker has good qualities with long electrical life, low operation power, lower noise, high reliability, simple structure, small and long overhaul periods. It can fully replace the same type one.


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