LW24-40.5 HV SF6 circuit breakers
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LW24-40.5 HV SF6 circuit breakers


LW24- Sf6 gas circuit breakers are new type products, which developed by our company. Compared with foreign similar products, the product can meet the needs of the electric power market. Our company can meet with different needs of users, not only design the layout form of flexible and varied, but also the whole substation (including interval bearing busbar, tower, etc.) and the secondary equipment of general contracting. LW24 open combination electric appliance, advanced structure, good performance, technical parameters can completely satisfy the requirements of GB and IEC standards. The product has both closed-end structure tight combination Gather together, cover an area of an area small features, and has the advantages of open electric price is cheap, convenient maintenance, compared to the conventional power station to reduce its covers an area of about 60%, especially for city network , substation mountainous area , industrial and mining enterprises to choose.

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