LW9-72.5  High Voltage Outdoor SF6 Circuit Breaker
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LW9-72.5  High Voltage Outdoor SF6 Circuit Breaker


LW9-72.5 High Voltage Outdoor SF6 Circuit Breaker

Product Description
H.V.A.C. Porcelain type SF6 gas Circuit Breakers, with the voltage from 40.5-550kv and rated current up to 4000A, are provided with three kinds of operating mechanism, pneumatic, spring and hydraulic type. Motor is used in spring mechanism to change closing and charge opening spring at closing. Disk spring is used in hydraulic mechanism to change in stead of traditional compressed nitrogen gas for charge, and hydraulic driving is used at both opening and closing. Compressed air is used in pneumatic mechanism as driven for open while spring is used for close. The three kinds of operating mechanisms have their own features and used in circuit breakers of different voltage class respectively.

Due to the unit structure in circuit breaker, there are advantages of minimized number of breakers, low number of parts, simple structure, high reliability and long period of inspection.

System Advantages:
1.The superior interrupting capability, can meet all switching requirements.
2.Reliable insulation and current-carrying capability.
The SF6 will not deteriorate with the time goes by, at the same time, it can protect the insulators in the gas.
3.High reliability- 3 000 times NO regulation, 10 000 times WITH regulation.
4.Excellent operating mechanism.
The spring operating mechanism and pneumatic operating mechanism.
5.Minimized maintenance work.
6.The excellent earthquake withstand capability.

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