ZW8-12 series Outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker
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ZW8-12 series Outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker


Model No.:ZW8-12series Outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker


ZW8-12/C intelligent outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuitbreaker(hereinafter called intelligent breaker) is applied for breaking, on oroff of load current in AC three-phase power system of rated 10-12KV with50/60Hz, it owns functions of overload and short protection, fast breakingprotection, time lapse delay and auto matic reclosing, it can also be equippedwith arrestor or disconnecting ( circuit breaker and disconnecting switchcombination, hereinafter called combination intelligent circuit breakers) accordingto customer's requirement. This intelligent breaker owns power supply itself,available for remote control, interfacs of CT,PT are for remote control, canmeet the requirements of  remote control.


1.Altitude temperature: -30~+40

2.Height: 2000m below

3.The biggest difference in temperature: no more than 25;

4.The wind pressure: no more than 700pa (wquivalent to34m/s wind speed);

5.Pollution level: three level;

6.The seismic intensity is not more than 8 degrees